Carbon Neutral Australia

Australia has been unable to take any meaningful action on climate change since the repeal of the “carbon tax” due to toxic, grossly irresponsible, politics. Science & Industry has long acknowledged the need for rapid and decisive action, with clear understanding that the economic cost of action is FAR lower than the economic cost of inaction, let alone all the other catastrophic impacts. I believe we all need to take action on both a local level and on a societal level where we can.

Our off-grid house and plan to live a carbon neutral lifestyle is our effort to take local action. This blog was created to demonstrate that carbon neutrality does not end life as we know it – but allows us to sustain it. We are not compromising our creature comforts or lifestyle.

As an ex-oil industry executive (previous roles include Vice President Engineering, Vice President Environment for a major Australian Oil & Gas company), I recognise that I have pro-actively participated in creating the climate crisis. Ironically, one of the reasons I joined the industry was because I cared about the environment – I thought I could work from inside to ensure sustainable environmental development and operating standards. I hope I was able to make a positive difference, but now acknowledge that it is past time for the industry to be phased out.

I’ve captured my thoughts on what we could do to achieve this outcome in another blog – – based on years of experience in the energy industry, and comprehensive literature reviews.

Much of the literature examines a technical slice of the problem, without context – I’ve tried to provide a consolidated, interpreted view and develop specific actions that can and should be taken now, particularly at a governmental level.

The future is bright, if we act now.

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