Off-grid living: researching & building the dream

Building our dream home required a heap of research – bushfire prone area, environmental overlay, off-grid with no external services. We want a large, sustainable house without compromising normal living and amenity. We need value for money, but want quality, low maintenance and longevity. We want to be carbon negative.

I’m summarising our research and learnings as we go, to hopefully help others on this journey. There’s a lot more info coming….

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House: fact based stuff on permits, bushfires, how many trees do you need to plant for firewood, how to build a snake proof fence, design for above ground planters…

Offgrid Technical: what I’ve learned about offgrid and its components, from original research through performance once it’s up and running. Corrections welcomed from our electrical experts!

Carbon Neutral Australia: my thoughts on Australia’s need to become energy carbon neutral.

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And of course, the Blog.

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Finally got round to adding to the Offgrid Technical section with a write up on batteries – capacity, lithium versus lead acid. Batteries…. I was feeling good about the house finally making progress, so took the time to start writing down our research…. Finished it, because I was depressed. I guess I’ll add that postContinue reading “Batteries”

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