About Building a House

Before you start building

There are lots of decisions to make and paperwork to be done…

Building Costs: How much it costs depends on your selection of builder, design and quality. Decide your budget and what you want to build

Planning Permit: Our learnings and recommendations from going through a painful planning process

Building Permit: Our recommendation for an independent surveyor

Owner Builder Permit: how to get your permit, implications

Vegetation offsets: when you need them, how to get them, how much it costs, what it delivers

Bushfire Protection

BAL Rating: how do you get one, what impact does it have

Heat Radiation Impact on People: why you need to run away, how to site your bushfire shelter and why it’s important

Bushfire Shelters: what’s on offer from accredited suppliers, costs

House Energy Rating: A contrarian view – a high energy star rated house can waste money, compromise living AND be less environmentally friendly. Use solar power and batteries instead.

Waffle Pod versus On Ground Slab: There’s conflicting advice as to which is better. Here’s why.

Firewood: How much do you need, how many trees to plant to grow your own firewood?

Water Supply: What size tank? CFA requirements. Do you need water treatment?

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