The Shed….

The concrete pour for the shed base went really smoothly, except for the mud, and finally after weeks of delay and broken promises, we made it to the front of the queue for the installers to come and build the shed. We were so excited – with the shed up, there were so many things we could start to do! But then there’s the dreaded phone call from the shed provider – the concrete slab’s not the right size, can they install the pillars half on the edge, half off the slab, and fill in the floor gap with flashing. What the…?

I check measured the slab before and after it was poured – it was exactly in accordance with the engineering drawings. With the shed designed to take all of our solar panels – skillion roof facing north – there was no way we could accept compromised structural support. And there’s no way the building surveyor would accept it.

Raced down to the block to talk to the installers – lovely guys who also thought the idea of installing columns half on and off was ridiculous. Turns out that the steel over the carport was ordered too short for the actual slab design – 37mm off. We saved $2k by not concreting the car bays, but the guy who specified the steel length forgot to take that into account.

Laying out the roof truss – supporting column would be half on/half off the slab.

So, replacement steel needs to be ordered and with Christmas coming up we’ll be lucky to get the shed up by February. Won’t cost us anything to fix except time.

Kinda wish now we had spent the extra money….

One funny side note – we met the installers earlier in the week and they were intrigued by the fire bunker – now buried. With piles of soil at the back of it, they thought we had built an entire enormous underground bunker system. While somewhat disappointed to find that it was only the first pile that was the bunker, they loved their guided tour. And when an additional person turned up for the aborted install, we had to run another tour!

Buried bunker at the front, with piles of scraped off soil behind
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