Waiting, waiting….

The house was (mostly) wrapped over two months ago, and since then, a little bit of internal electrical and plumbing fit out, but other than that, nothing. Every week we’re told the brickies will be here next week, but no show. The tight well fitting wrapping is degrading and starting to flap in the breeze.

We remind the builders that they have to pay our rent if they’re not finished by the beginning of December, a new, slightly less busy, building supervisor is appointed, but still we wait.

We call the brickies to see what’s happening, and they too say next week., we’re just so busy, and the rain….. We should have been at lockup before the rain…. Bloody covid, and government building incentives….

The 8 week UV exposure rating of the wrapping comes and goes, and still we wait…. Talk to building inspectors and they say as long as its not powdery it should be OK. So we accept that it doesn’t need to be replaced….

The sand turns up – progress at last. But it’s quite yellow. Uh Oh. We specified white mortar to go with our second hand bricks, and this doesn’t look like its going to be the right colour when mixed with the offwhite cement that was delivered ages ago…

Another call to the brickies, and they agree. Dean (R&R Bricklaying, Leongatha) is absolutely lovely, gives me some addresses of places with various shades of mortar and second hand bricks and takes me around to a place they are working on with bricks and whitish mortar. It’s perfect – white, and rubbed/smeared over the bricks Perfect, just the kind of look we wanted. Picture below is only an idea of it, not particularly good example.

Might wash off in the rain, but if we like it, we can re do.

Dean orders additional white sand to blend, and promises to be there the following day….

We’re still waiting….

At least he calls and says it won’t be til next Monday, but the gear will be delivered on Friday.

So it’s Sunday, and their stuff is there. Fingers crossed.

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