Will this saga ever end?

Didn’t post this – was going to add photos, but didn’t get round to it. This is from early March….

So after a two week holiday in Bali, I thought there would have been a lot of progress. But no, for the first week, there was no one there at all.

The security camera is great – sends a message and photograph when it spots someone. No messages, except when Mark turned up – he didn’t come with us.

And in the second week, there were more issues created:


The gap for the fridge was 1100mm rather than 1000mm. This extra space not only would make the fridge look odd, but also took away space from the bench so the microwave wouldn’t fit on it. Spoke to cabinet maker who agreed it was an error – now fixed.

Door handle on laundry cupboard incorrect – waiting for it to be fixed (April update now fixed).

Internal configuration of bedroom robe incorrect – waiting for it to be fixed (mostly fixed).

Weird detailing to the bathroom cabinets – nicely framed, but when the tiles go in, the side wood will mostly disappear on the overhead cabinets but not on the bench eg wood trim not lined up. Will look odd, Cabinet maker assures us that is normal – top cabinets with small trim, bottom cabinets with larger one, but says he will fix. (Now fixed). Similar issue in bathroom, but only bottom left was large. They remade so that top and bottom matched, but we forgot it wasn’t going to be fully tiled, so now top and bottom match but not side to side. We should have got the base cabinet changed, not the top!

But the big one – our underbench sinks have been installed on top of the benches in the kitchen and my craft room. It looks terrible. We have a sleek kitchen – no door handles, nothing protruding anywhere and I hate cleaning around the edges of the overbench sink in our rental all the time – just collects grime. The stone bench tops have been cut so that if they are now mounted underneath we’ll have a 15mm lip of the steel showing all around the sink. Looks ridiculous. It was clearly specified in the contract, the sinks were underbench. Even the builder is scratching his head. He has confirmed that the paperwork that went to the cabinet maker specified underbench, so it’s on them to fix. We’re waiting on confirmation that it will be done, but thousands of dollars of stone will need to be replaced…. (Now fixed – couple of tiles broken but we had enough spares).

BAL 29 saga continues

The builder is a little worried about how the flashing will look, with it riveted in place, so he’s done a sample section in caulking. Without any rain, the site is all just dirt, dust everywhere – the dirt got into the caulking, so it’s discoloured black and when set it just attracts dust. It looks terrible. So back to flashing….

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