We always knew we’d have a problem getting the internet, and so it’s turned out. Cable is clearly not an option in the bush. The following describes the options that we’ve looked at, and highlights just how bad the NBN is for regional areas (and we’re within an hour of the outskirts of Melbourne, onContinue reading “WI FI”


We knew that power in winter was key to sizing our solar system, so heating was a key focus. We wanted to be able to heat the whole house, so wanted something beyond the  wood heater planned for the living room. One of the reasons that we chose our builder was because they had recentlyContinue reading “Heating”

Just to be clear…

This is where the council wanted us to build…. High fire risk, high biodiversity…. Home to endangered flora. This is where we wanted to build – land cleared for a gravelling operation – clearing and defendable space finishes before the tree line.

Environment Overlay

Our land is also subject to an Environmental Significance Overlay, ESO2, as it contains excellent remnant bushland, with high biodiversity and very low weed infestation. It’s teeming with wildlife, from koalas (very noisy at night as they call to each other), black footed swamp wallabies to the front of the property, eastern grey kangaroos toContinue reading “Environment Overlay”