100 acres of bush

Twenty years ago, we bought a 100 acres of bush in Victoria with the plan to build our dream home on it in retirement. The bush was buffer land around a gravel pit, and for the first few years, we worked hard to remediate the damaged land and make the bush accessible. We turned the main gravel pit into a large dam (photo on the home page), put in an access way, hand cleared approximately 5 km of walking tracks, and planted thousands of trees grown from seeds from the property. Most of the trees were eaten by kangaroos, until we learned how to protect them….

We built a storage shed, that gradually morphed into a “weekender” complete with solar power.

A few years later we moved to Perth but we’ve visited every Christmas for two weeks of hard work to keep the tracks clear, and get rid of any weeds.

Now we’re back to build the dream home.

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