Bushfire Rating

Our property is subject to a Bushfire Management Overlay, so before we can apply to council for a building permit, we have to get a bushfire assessment and management plan prepared by a licenced practitioner.

After asking around, we selected Euca Planning to prepare the report for us. We knew that we might have a problem getting approval, because we wanted to build by the dam, some 480m from the road. But we wanted the view, access to the water for the garden and fire fighting, the bush had previously been cleared for gravelling so would minimise environmental damage, and we would have privacy and no road noise. So we went ahead…

Deanne supported the location, provided we created a defendable space (essentially clearing the site of trees and undergrowth) consistent with a BAL 12.5 rating, but built to BAL 29. eg house very unlikely to burn, and would provide safe refuge if we were caught there in bushfire.

The clearance area of 41m around the house meant that the dam provided the defendable space to the west, and the rest of it was contained within the previously cleared area, so we were very happy with this.

BAL 29 adds $20 ,000- $50,000 to the build cost, and limits the use of materials, but hey, we don’t want the house to burn….

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