The driveway saga continues

Life would have been SO much easier, and cheaper if our driveway wasn’t so long….

Moving the bulldozer excavator, grader and heavy tractor along the road has trashed it. We’ve had such a wet winter and spring, the road was almost impassable after they’d been through, just churned up mud after they’d been along it. And the house and shed site weren’t accessible – so much water on the ground.

We’ve had to dump about 20 trucks of road base along it, to get the concrete trucks in for the shed – not something we allowed for in the budget. And its still not great – not sure what the house builders will make of it…

But at least we got the concrete base for the shed down….

To save money, we haven’t concrete the open bays on the left – we’ll just put gravel down for the cars. The long narrow bit at the back of the car bays will be our wood shed, and solar equipment room.

We were worried that the kangaroos and wallabies would leave footprints all over the concrete, but the slab was dry enough by the time we left that it wasn’t a problem. In the morning, there were roo foot prints all around the concrete, but only across the narrow section. Looked like they’d been investigating it but were a bit nervous to hop over the big slab, so tried out the smaller section.

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