And still we wait – our fingers are crossed just a little more tightly

Just been notified that we’re back to the original building supervisor who was swapped out because he was too busy to manage the build. The new building supervisor has just been laid off – financial pressures. Quite worrying when you hear of so many companies going under. We’re assured that it will be all OK, they will finish the build, and the supervisor now only has 7 house builds to manage!! And ours is over an hour away from any of the others (three hour round trip drive discourages visits, particularly when you’re busy/overloaded) …. The trades used to turn up and do their thing one after the other without any supervision (other than our building inspector – and he won’t be back until the end now). Not good – once we’re at lock up (if we ever get there) we likely won’t be able to check either because we’ll be locked out…..

We’re waiting on the steel cladding now – we know they’ve placed the order, but only after the brickies finished (we checked with the manufacturer because we were worried) so there’ll be another two or three week delay before it gets delivered.

The house was originally planned to be finished in October, but we’ll be lucky to be at lockup by Xmas!

BLOODY COUNCIL. If we hadn’t had the planning permit delay, we would’ve been finished before all the s@#T hit the fan in the building industry.

I can’t imagine getting it finished and moving in.

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