Nexteel vs Colorbond…. More delay!

We chose to clad the house in Maxline using Nexteel, a rival paint system to the ubiquitous Colorbond.

Image showing what maxline looks like

Photo of Maxline cladding (we’re not going over the roof, and we’re using surat black steel, but it shows the profile).

We thought Colorbond Night Sky was too harsh against second hand bricks, and while Monument looked good, in some lights it has a real greenish tinge, which we don’t like. We did the shed in night sky, with monument doors – and like how it turned out, but we thought Nexteel surat with a satin finish would look better for the house – not as shiny and harsh against the bricks. It has a better warranty and passed our scratch test brilliantly – we couldn’t scratch it! It appears to be much better than colorbond…. Time will tell, I guess.

The builders didn’t order the steel until the brickies were finished, and the steel didn’t turn up when it was supposed to – apparently the plumbers forgot to buy the flashings! Or so Revolution Roofing, the suppliers of our Maxline steel panels told us.

They’ve been great to deal with – really helpful when we went to look at samples and undertook our scratch test. They were confident we wouldn’t damage the sheets when we wanted to scratch them and even gave us a sharp piece of metal to use. Not a mark! And they’ve been happy to give us progress reports when we were worried about what was happening with the steel.

There are some colorbond flashings lying around in the garage, maybe the plumbers thought they could use those? And have found out that they can’t or that it won’t look right?

Some of the colorbond flashings have been installed around a couple of windows but work on that stopped around the time that the nexteel flashings were ordered. So the house still isn’t close to water tight.

Some friends tell us it’s like watching a grand design in real time…. All of the issues….

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